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Termite Control

The feed system is very effective to a large building and have a very strong structure. No need to do the work to drill the floor and damaging it.

To work termite control using wooden punch "drilling method" would be inconvenient and building owners have no time for cleaning. however, its effectiveness is guaranteed, too.

1. What should I do if I find termites?
If you find termites. Definitely the look and shape of the termites was right, that has a tunnel termites. It is easiest to identify.

2. How does the shape and color of termites that tunnel?
Termite tunnels made of brown or dark brown.

3. Never saw physical and termite tunnels that. What should I do?
If you find termites tunnel or saw physical and termite activity. You have 2 options.
i. Do it yourself pest control.
ii. Contact the company pest.

4. What is the difference between using his own methods of pest control and pest contact the company listed?
i. Pest control - methods alone
- You do not have to panic and worry. Termite poison to be sold in hardware stores or stores selling pesticides and herbicides. The store, only sell termite poison liquids and label it says "for termite control." The contents of his usual chemicals like "Chorpyrifos". Typically found in hardware stores in Malaysia. You need to follow the rules of the toxin. Keep in mind, "Chorpyrifos" is a chemical pesticide grade. Make sure you wear safety equipment as possible.

ii. Registered pest control company.
- The Company has a highly trained staff of pests, about 70% -85% of their staff have the expertise to deal with the problem of termites. The Company will provide a warranty for termite control that will relieve a lot of the (customer). Customers do not need to worry, if termites come back to attack your property. The Company will conduct a follow-up inspection of the building and your property. But need to be reminded of warranty is not a "guarantee" termites removed 100%. It depends on the home environment and your building. However, the company will be liable if your client / call back about termite pest problem. Liquid poison used by the company between his Chorpyrifos, and the latest Imidaclorpid Filpronil.

Apart from Drilling System / System Floor Punch, is the preferred method of termite control others?
Yes, there is. Which feeds System (system bypass feed), or known Termites Baiting System. The method feeds / Termites Baiting System, a method that is very popular today. This is because this method is very flexible and does not damage the property and the building structure subscribers. Customers have a choice of either a contract of 1 year or resume the next contract. Structure and development of residential buildings in this era, it is different from the form, drainage pipes, electrical connection systems and a system of telephone lines and the internet, or broadband. Average of these buildings, have sewer or under the floor. It will give problems to the customer and pest control contractors to know the true position of the source and cable channels. With his existing feed system (system bypass feed) or Termites Baiting System can save on maintenance costs and the cost of damage that will be caused to use the system to punch the floor or Corrective Treatment (Drilling).

6. What if I rent a pest control worker "part time"?
I think it is up to you, but I think the advice before appointing part-time pest control.

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  1. Well dear it is not easy to protect your home from growth of termites. But yes we can control it if we hire regular termite inspection services. This suggestion was given by my friend to me. And I really respect her suggestion as this way I can protect my home.

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