Friday, November 21, 2014


Assalamualaikum WBT.

Today I will share my experience on how CONTROL FLIES.

How to kill FLY?
FLY actually hard to kill or eliminate its population. FLY is a natural pest cycles created by God. What should we do as a Pest Control is a need to "CONTROL" the population FLY.

1. Survey of FLY.
Flies are of various kinds, among which we can find;
- FLY fruit
Regular will be around the tree, when the season a. fruit trees such as mango and sapodilla fruit trees
- FLY horsefly
Will be present when there is teaching a healthy environment. And there is also due to the weather of summer.

- FLY house
Often common in anywhere. In house, restaurants, and there are also found in the supermarket complexes do not schedule regular garbage.

2. Lifecycle FLY
Estimated life cycle is approximately 10-20 days FLY adults.

3. How many eggs FLY
The budget for a female will produce 400-500 FLY seeds or more.

4. How to control FLY
Keep food covered and always clean up the waste material is fed mainly chicken, beef, fish, shrimp and squid.

5. How can I prevent FLY enter my house.
i. Physical barriers which make use of the "Barrier nets" or "Net Blocking" on each window and a air (ventilation space).
ii. Always closed doors when leaving and entering.
iii. Using the enclosed bins or have a "cap".
iv. Clean the rest of the meat and seafood in the kitchen sink.
v. Cleaning the stove after use.

6. If FLIES still there, what should I do.
If FLIES they enter your house, possibly "Barriers nets" is not covered or been torn tidy without you realizing it.

7. In addition to the above methods, if appropriate methods to prevent the population of FLY.
Among them;
i. Trap: Using paper or the paper and glue is applied. On the surface of the glue, put the remaining the prawns, fresh or dried, and can also be used a little bit of chicken or beef.
ii. Trap: Rope tied nut (Nut) and applied the glue and hung in the right area.
iii. Poison - Shot AEROSOL: Using existing AEROSOL sold supermarkets and grocery stores.
iv. Poison - Bait: Using bait that some supermarkets are sold. Normally, only a licensed Pest Control companies are eligible to use this method.
v. Poison - Misting ULV Methods Water fog or dew droplets as fine, in drilling in areas with environmental problems FLY. Water solution is mixed with poison "special". Only licensed Pest Control company is entitled to use this method.
vi. Poison - -Fogging Methods steam fog or smoke diesel, are also suitable for controlling the population of FLY. Usually it will be done outside the house. Solution diesel mixed with poison "special". Only licensed Pest Control company is entitled to use this method.

8. Does the effective control of all the above.
Effectiveness depends on the environment of your home or your building. And there are times where it is very difficult FLY population in control of the summer and the rainy season. In my experience, the population will be active FLY in October to November each year. It is the natural life cycle of FLY. We as human beings or highly experienced in Pest Control, can not control the reproduction of copyright because it is God who is ALLAH SWT. Therefore, as I said above, we can only "control the population FLY only" and not "kill" the FLY population.

Hopefully my notes will help you all ...


Flies - On Glue Trap

Flies - At tree

Flies hiding and hang out at the trees

Flies - On Glue Trap
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