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Paraquat Be Restricted Using In MALAYSIA

Paraquat Be Restricted Using In MALAYSIA

Here is a statement from the Division, Pest Control, Department of Agriculture.

Discontinue use of paraquat in MALAYSIA - What Do You Say?
Div. Control of Pesticides, Department of Agriculture
(Idris bald)

For agricultural producers may be the words of paraquat is not foreign to them. While for some rural communities, especially the people in the farms (estate) or in Felda also be very familiar with the insecticide, which can sometimes be bandied about local regulations suicides. This is due to paraquat contained in the herbicide is very recognizable as an option in many cases of suicide as well as being acutely toxic. Cases of poisoning due to the use of paraquat also gets coverage because usually it ends in tragedy death.

There is no cure (antidote) for abuse if someone picked paraquat or drink paraquat in limited quantities, most likely the victim could not be saved from death. Use of paraquat did not follow the rules will result in long term adverse effects to the user or operator, such as dermatitis, kidney failure, respiratory failure, skin cancer and Parkinson's disease.

Scientific studies have also shown that the use of paraquat in agricultural activities show that paraquat is not readily biodegradable (persistent) in the soil. This is because the ability of paraquat to survive in soil (half-life) can achieve long periods of up to more than 1,000 today. It can also be carried in runoff sediment which makes the potential to contaminate groundwater.

In Malaysia, paraquat is registered for weed control in all age groups, especially in the fields of plant oil palm, rubber, coconut, cocoa, bananas, fruits and vegetables. The use of paraquat in the country subject to certain restrictions (restricted use) to ensure that its use in a safe manner to avoid negative effects on the health of the consumer, not the target organisms and the environment.

Ban the use of paraquat in Europe have started as early as 1984 on the toxicological properties of these toxins on human and environmental effects. Sweden was the first country to ban the use of paraquat followed by Finland (1986), Switzerland (1989), Denmark (1994), Norway (1991), Austria (1992), Slovenia (1997) and Norway (1993). While the three Asian countries follow the European countries, namely Cambodia, Kuwait and Qatar banned the use of paraquat since 2003.

America (USA), the use of paraquat is still allowed, but the use is strictly controlled to ensure compliance with the stringent requirements to protect workers or users and the public from risks arising from the use of paraquat. Among the conditions imposed, including limited use of licensed users and requires the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling. While warning and caution statements specifically included on the label for the guide. Duration of entry barriers to new fields sprayed (Re-entry interval) is also required and must be adhered to and to ensure that the use will not cause problems paraquat drift spray (Spray Drift). Apart from that severe restrictions on the use of paraquat in the perumaham, schools, parks, golf courses and playgrounds.

Requirements above may not be a problem and can be observed in the USA for the use of pesticides such as paraquat is done in the summer (not all year). Use full PPE clothing is more comfortable to use in temperate climates, as well as the awareness and readiness of pesticide users in the country to comply with the conditions imposed when compared with the atmosphere and consumer acceptance in most developing countries in the Asia. Factors not care instructions and warnings and precautions listed on the label cause various efforts by the government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to bring awareness to the users, especially farmers often failed.

Thus, control and stricter enforcement is needed to protect the user from direct exposure to the hazards of paraquat.

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