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Assalamualaikum WBT. 


Species of wild birds are not dangerous to the public and the environment. But if the birds multiply too quickly and many will have an impact on the public and the environment. As an example; 
1 bird droppings 
2 nests 
3 Sound noisy 

There are several kinds of birds that can be considered to pose a problem to the people and environment of the building. 

1. Pigeon 
2 Bird Crow 
3 House Sparrows 

Bird problems. 

1 stool 
Birds will leave droppings that will give effect to human health and the environment. 

2 nest 
Nest there would make the presence of other pests such as rats, snakes and micro-organisms. 

3 Sound noisy 
The presence of a small group of birds will not give problems to humans and the environment. Problems will arise if no action to control the bird. Birds will assume the area is safe from interference. Little by little the bird population has increased rapidly. The birds will make noises that would disturb human activity. 


Bird Control Methods. 

1 Identify. 
Must identify a bird and habitat. 

2 Habitat 
Examine habitat and prevent habitat. 

3 Barriers and control 
Create obstacles for the bird uncomfortable and feel the area is unsafe for the birds. Removal and destruction of birds' nests provide. 

4 Monitoring 
Always look at and examine the activity of birds, and do not let the bird in a nest or congregate in the area. 


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