Monday, September 24, 2012


Agenda® 25 ECThe Ultimate in Termite Protection.Agenda’s unique mode of action combines structural protection and colony management. It contains the active ingredient fipronil, which is extremely effective on termites at ultra-low doses. Agenda is a non-repellent termiticide. Termites pick up the active ingredient from soil, but as it takes some time for the effects to show, the termites continue their normal activities for a few days. During this time the termites interact frequently with other termites, and in so doing they transfer some of the active ingredient to other termites. This results in a spreading of the active ingredient throughout the termite colony. In this manner, it’s not only the termites which forage into Agenda-treated soil which die, but many in the colony as well, ultimately providing a colony management effect and better protection. Due to it’s activity down to very low dose rates, Agenda can be expected to provide at least 5 years protection, even under tropical conditions where termiticides are put to the harshest test.
  • Key Benefits:
  • At least 5-year’s protection even under tropical conditions thereby providing the longest period of protection of any currently available termiticide
  • External-only drilling possible where no infestation is present, thus minimising disturbance.
  • Termite colony management which improves the performance and reliability of control
  • Ultra low dose rate and strong binding to soil, which minimises environmental effects
    Agenda is strongly recommended for treatment and protection of existing buildings and structures.


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