Monday, December 12, 2016



Lokasi : Pangsapuri Puncak Damansara PJU 6.

Pest : Bed Bugs / Pepijat

Kaedah kawalan : 1. Spray 2. ULV Misitng 3. Heat treatment

Bed Bugs / Pepijat - Aktif 

Bed Bugs / Pepijat - Selepas Spray / ULV Misitng

Kaedah ULV Misting


DAUN PEST CONTROL AND HYGIENE SERVICES provides services to public, private and domestic sectors including the food industry, farms, local authorities, hospitals and wild life reserves, sports and leisure organisations including football clubs, the hospitality sector and domestic properties.
Services Include:
Pest Control and Fumigation
Termites Baiting Sytem and Monitoring control
Mosquitoes control
Bird and rodent proofing, netting and control
Electric fly killers and control
Cockroaches Baiting System and Monitoring Control
Ants Baiting System Control
Common insect pests (ants, wasps, fleas, flying insects, bed bugs and cockroaches)
Environmental assessment using methods which limit effects to natural habitats and encourage sustainability
Fumigation : Container Import and Export, Camber, Fruit and food raw material
Services Include: Hygiene services
Sanitary bin
Hand soap services
Urinal toilet services
Air freshener
Tissue services
Toilet hygiene services
Carpet cleaning services
Carpet matt rental service
Office hygiene service
Cleaning SAMAK and Hygiene service and ETC
Our controlling procedures include the following stages to ensure a thorough and effective investigation into each situation we encounter.
Please Contact us :
016-338 0960 SMS / WhatsApp
016-338 0960 SMS / WhatsApp
016-338 0960 SMS / WhatsApp
Coverage : KL, Selangor, Putrajaya, Nilai
Office : Desa Pandan, KL & Shah Alam, Selangor
Website :
Email : /
Blog :


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