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Subterranean termites are the most destructive insect pests of wood in the Malaysia. They cause billions of Ringgit Malaysia (RM) in damage each year and have a negative impact on a family’s most valuable possession— the home.
In nature, subterranean termites are beneficial because they break down cellulose into usable nutrients. The biomass resulting from this process is recycled to the soil as humus. Subterranean termites are, therefore, considered important in our ecosystem.
Problems occur when termites attack the wooden elements of homes, businesses and warehouses built by humans. The presence of termites is often not readily noticed because their activity is hidden behind wallboards, siding or wood trim. Homeowners in all areas of Texas should watch for subterranean termites and take precautions against infestations. To minimize damage from termites, it is helpful to know the description, life cycle and signs of infestation of termites as well as preventive and control measures.

Queen of Termite ( Site : Muar, Johor )

The best time to provide protection against termites is during the planning and construction phase of a structure. The major objective of subterranean termite control is to establish a chemical barrier between the soil, where termites live and the wood in the home. A thorough pre-construction treatment is needed to protect the structure from termites. Treating a structure for termite control requires specialized equipment that homeowners usually do not have on hand such as a 100-gallon tank, roller pump and auxiliary motor to deliver the insecticide from the tank, hoses, treating tools, etc. Therefore, it is not recommended homeowners' attempt to treat their homes for termite control.

1. Chemical soil treatments [ Drilling ( CT)  / Spraying Soil (ST) ]
How it works: This is probably the most common approach to both eradicating a termite infestation and protecting a house from future attack. It can be applied during construction of a house and after, though at a greater expense. The soil is treated with chemicals to provide a continuous barrier in the ground against termite entry. Areas treated include the boundary of concrete slabs or the building, as well as areas such as the patio, and the sub-floor area of a house.

2. Type of pesticide
i. Repellent pesticides will protect your house if the barrier is complete, but any gap will be detected by termites and could allow them entry to your house.
ii. Non-repellent ones allow the termites to pass through the affected soil, where they will absorb the slow-acting poison, carry it back to the colony, pass it on and thus eradicate the entire colony.
Duration: once installed, a chemical soil treatment will need to be checked every 6-12 months and should provide protection for up three to five years (depend warranty from supplier product)

Termite - Soil Treatment - SS1/25 Petaling Jaya 

Termite - Soil Treatment - SS1/25 Petaling Jaya

Termite - Internal : Drilling Method - SS1/25 Petaling Jaya

Treatment Method : Soil Treatment 
Chemical               : Imidaclorpid 18.7%
Location                : Jalan SS1/25, Kampung Tumku, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Size                       : 50 feet x 44 feet
Warranty               : 3 years
Price                     : RM TBA



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