Monday, August 26, 2013

Santoemma Sharon (39 STE-K)

Santoemma Sabrina (39 STE-K)

The Santoemma Sabrina is an excellent professional grade push along carpet cleaning machine for routine cleaning of small to medium areas of carpet, hard floor and upholstery. Adjusting between tasks is easy, and can be achieved by altering the brush height ensuring a great clean is achieved every time. 

The push along system means that there is no bending over involved when cleaning carpets and hard floors, simply pull the machine along and your carpets will be cleaned.
The Santoemma Sabrina comes supplied with all the accessories and tools required for both floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning. 


Solution Tank12 Litres
Recovery Tank12 Litres
Cable Length10 Metres
Vacuum Motor Power1000W 2 Stage Motor
Cleaning Width270mm
PumpBy-pass piston type - 4 bar (max) 58psi - 1.5L /min (max)
Hose Length2.5 Metres
Weight21 Kilograms



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