Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Import, Export and Transshipment of Plants - SINGAPORE

AVA regulates the import of plants, plant products (seeds, endangered timber such as Aquilaria (agarwood) spp, Gonystylus (Ramin) spp, and American ginseng), foliages, potting medium (soil, potting mix, peat moss, sphagnum moss etc), fertilisers of plant origin, insects and microorganisms of agricultural importance and cut flowers from the American Tropics. This is to safeguard plant health and to prevent the introduction of exotic pests and diseases into the country.

We also provide phytosanitary inspection and certification services to exporters to certify that plants and plant products exported are free from pests and disease.

The import and export of plants and plant products are regulated under the Control of Plants Act. The trade in endangered species of plants and plant products is regulated under theEndangered Species (Import & Export) Act.


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